Updates on Better Search Replace

I’m excited to see that Better Search Replace has just hit another milestone: 50,000 active installs! That’s not bad for being released in January.

That said, it’s a good time to sum up some of the recent and future updates to the plugin.

Better Search Replace

The free plugin has seen incredible growth- adding at least 30,000 active installs since my last update in July.

Recently the plugin also gained several improvements in performance and reliability with the batch processing improvements that were added starting in version 1.2.

I still have more in mind for the plugin, and I’m currently looking into adding regex support to enable more powerful searches, and unit testing to ensure reliability and compatibility.

Better Search Replace Pro

The pro version also been well-received, which has helped to propel both the free and pro versions forward.

Since the 1.0 release, the Pro version also got batch processing for search/replaces, backups, and imports. That means that migrations should work well even on shared hosting.

I also decided to remove the ability to use the mysql/mysqldump binaries. This means that all backups/imports are done using WordPress native database functions, and is more aligned to the original intent of the plugin: no configuration, and everything done the “WordPress” way.

Finally, I’m working on some updates for the pro version. Look out for some new features in coming releases including the ability to run a search/replace profile on backups, as well as gzip support for smaller file sizes/faster uploads. It’s all very exciting!

Always looking for feedback

What do you think of the recent updates? Are there any other features that you’d like to see in the free or pro versions?

Let me know in the comments below!



  1. This was SOOOOOO much better when I could select ALL tables instead of having to cmd-click and select each one individually.

    Any chance you’d go back to the way it used to be?

    How does the select table work on the Pro version?

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