Running a search and replace

To run a search/replace, go to Tools -> Better Search Replace Pro.


Most of these fields are simple, but are described in detail below.

Search for – This should be the text that you want to replace in the database (normally URLs or other short strings). Special characters are supported. Regex is not currently supported but will be in the future.

Replace with – This should be the text that you want to replace the “Search for” text with.

Select tables – The search/replace will only be run on the selected tables. The plugin supports serialized data, so it can be used on any WordPress database table. However, it is important to note that while it supports serialized data, it is still possible to damage your database with an incorrect search/replace string.

Case-Insensitive – Check this is you want the search to be case insensitive.

Replace GUIDs – The WordPress documentation recommends that you never change this field. There is one general exception – if your website has never been live before, it is acceptable to change them to the correct URL when going live if the site was previously developed on a temporary URL.

Run as dry run – This is always checked by default to prevent accidental search/replaces. You must uncheck this box in order to make any changes to your database. If left checked, you will be able to preview the results before updating the database.

Save as profile – If this box is checked, you will be able to enter a profile name and save this search/replace for repeated use in the future. The saved profile will contain the search and replace strings as well as the tables that you have selected.

Once you’ve ran a search/replace, you’ll see a message at the top of the page with some information about the search/replace or dry run. Click the link in that message to view more details about the run:


If there were any changes found in a table, you can click the “View” link to view the exact changes: