Installing via WordPress

You can install Better Search Replace Pro by uploading the files through the WordPress dashboard.

Once you’ve downloaded the .zip file from your purchase receipt, login to your WordPress site and navigate to Plugins -> Add New. Click the Upload Plugin button at the top of the screen, and upload the .zip file from your purchase receipt.


Click Install Now, then Activate Plugin.

The plugin administration screens can now be found under Tools -> Better Search Replace Pro.

Note: If you still have the free version activated, you will see the following error:


Simply deactivate the free version in order to use Better Search Replace Pro.

Finally, to get support and future updates to the plugin, you must activate your license.

You can do that by going to Tools -> Better Search Replace Pro -> Settings and adding the license key from your purchase receipt. Make sure the “License Status” is listed as “active” by clicking “Activate License”:


That’s it! Better Search Replace Pro has now been installed and is ready to go. Head over to the Configuration pageĀ for more detailed setup information.