Backing up then importing the database

Backing Up the Database

To back up your database, go to Tools -> Better Search Replace Pro -> Backup/Import.


Clicking the “Backup Database” button will back up ALL of your website’s tables and download the resulting backup file. The database backup file is a standard SQL file which can be imported into Better Search Replace Pro or any other database import tool (such as phpMyAdmin, SQL Yog, or Sequel Pro).

Importing the Database

To import a backup file, go to Tools -> Better Search Replace Pro -> Backup/Import.


There are a few ways to import a database backup with BSR Pro:

  • You can click the “Choose File” button and upload a backup file from BSR Pro, and then click “Import Database”
  • You can upload a BSR Pro backup file manually by uploading via FTP/SFTP to the wp-content/uploads directory and then click “Import Database”. This method is recommended if your backup file is very large and exceeds your max upload size. You should ensure that the file is deleted after import when using this method.

You can optionally select a search/replace profile that will be run on the resulting import.

The imported SQL file will first run on temporary database tables. If you selected the option to run a saved profile on the import, this will also be performed on the temporary tables. The temporary tables are then renamed to the live tables when the import has completed.